Interactive Billboard Takes Norwegians on a Live Taxi Ride Through NYC.

Norwegian Airlines is the third largest low-cost carrier in Europe. They have been named Europe’s
Best Low Cost Airline two years in a row. The company has 417 routes to 126 destinations.
All at low, low prices.

But most people, even in Norway, are unaware that Norwegian Airlines have a number of new
direct long-haul flights to places like New York.

How can we increase awareness about flying long haul among the target audience? Especially in
Norway? And make them engage with a destination like New York?

To promote its direct long-haul service to New York, Norwegian Airlines invited shoppers in
an Oslo mall to take a virtual taxi ride around Manhattan.

An interactive digital screen was connected live with a custom-designed taxi. People who took
part could choose where to go, and control the 360 degree live stream camera on the roof of
the car while the driver gave them stories, about the city.

The event was a huge success with lots of different and fun real-time data interactions. Most
participants have never been to the city and this opportunity certainly generated a very special
moment of inspiration.

The initiative was also documented and the film top-trended/shared in Norway the first days and
generated over +500.000 views the first month on Youtube and facebook. (10% of the population in

+820 articles generated on both in Norway and on a global level (including Tripadvisor, Aftenposten,
Travel Magaizne and Visit Norway) and +44.600.000 impressions in social media.

January 2015 had a considerable growth in long-haul operation, read more here.

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