How do you want the world to be when you retire?

SPP – one of Sweden’s largest pension companies – has been working with sustainability for over 20 years
(a topic increasingly important in the Swedish market). Today SPP is one of the world’s most sustainable
companies. As their customer you can be confident your retirement savings are only invested in ways that
are beneficial both for the environment and the people in it.

The brief was to continue communicating within the launched concept (Small choices can make a big
difference) and dramatize how sustainability is an important factor to value when it comes to choosing
how to save for retirement: just saving isn’t enough – in order to be able to retire in a good world,
one has to save sustainably.

In this interactive film, we dramatize how small choices can make a big difference by showing two
fictional future scenarios. You choose which future scenario you want to experience by using a slider.

On one side, the air and water is clean, the news is about a solar farm opening up, people eat
healthily, farming is organic and a relaxed commuter travels by train. In the other version, the sky is
dark with smog, the fridge is stuffed with junk food, kids wear pollution masks, the news is about riots
and the city looks dark and desolate while the same commuter is stuck in traffic jams. Even the sounds
are slightly different — in the “bad” version, there are the distant sounds of sirens.

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Read more about Earth 2045 here:
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