Stockholm Art Week – Stockholm is your Canvas


Our brief was to put Stockholm Art Week on the map and create buzz. We took it literally and created an app that captures your movements on a map of Stockholm using GPS, and transfers this to an artist who paints the movements on a real canvas. Your ‘art walk’ became a brush stroke on the co-created art piece. People could visit and see how their brush strokes – and the whole canvas – came to life through a live streamed link to the artist’s studio.

The campaign generated PR for Stockholm Art Week in local and national TV, radio and newspapers as well as international buzz online. The finished canvas was displayed at the closing party and then sold. The were used to support young artists in Stockholm.

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Porteur – 1for1


Providing people in the developing world with simple means of transportation can make a huge difference in their life. We created a new bicycle brand and product to address this issue – in a both practical and pragmatic way. For every bicycle sold, we donate a UNICEF bike to children in need. One for One.

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