Norwegian Red Cab

Interactive Billboard Takes Norwegians on a Live Taxi Ride Through NYC.

Norwegian Airlines is the third largest low-cost carrier in Europe. They have been named Europe’s
Best Low Cost Airline two years in a row. The company has 417 routes to 126 destinations.
All at low, low prices.

But most people, even in Norway, are unaware that Norwegian Airlines have a number of new
direct long-haul flights to places like New York.

How can we increase awareness about flying long haul among the target audience? Especially in
Norway? And make them engage with a destination like New York?

To promote its direct long-haul service to New York, Norwegian Airlines invited shoppers in
an Oslo mall to take a virtual taxi ride around Manhattan.

An interactive digital screen was connected live with a custom-designed taxi. People who took
part could choose where to go, and control the 360 degree live stream camera on the roof of
the car while the driver gave them stories, about the city.

The event was a huge success with lots of different and fun real-time data interactions. Most
participants have never been to the city and this opportunity certainly generated a very special
moment of inspiration.

The initiative was also documented and the film top-trended/shared in Norway the first days and
generated over +500.000 views the first month on Youtube and facebook. (10% of the population in

+820 articles generated on both in Norway and on a global level (including Tripadvisor, Aftenposten,
Travel Magaizne and Visit Norway) and +44.600.000 impressions in social media.

January 2015 had a considerable growth in long-haul operation, read more here.

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Like for Lives / Australian Koala Foundation

Like for Lives / Australian Koala Foundation

What if sharing a cute image could save the koalas?

The endangered koala probably gets more likes in social media than dollars in donations. But that’s all about to change.

The Australian Koala Foundation’s new social media initiative, Like for Lives, urges people to post a picture of a koala on Instagram or Facebook together with the promise: For every like this picture gets, I will donate 50 cent to

Mobile/desktop website:

And the Like4Likes-Instagram page is here

In the Media: Resumé I AdLand I AgencySpy

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LG G3 – “Low On Battery?” inflight banners

The battery life of the LG G3 smartphone was at the release superior to all other smartphones
on the market including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and HTC One.

LG Nordics therefor wanted to target people with an extra need of a good battery life. We found
them up in the air, as there are no battery chargers onboard: Passengers using smartphones on
Norwegian Air’s wi-fi system.

We invented a new media placement.
When you log on the wifi, the ads recognized your hardware and compared it to the G3 and
delivered a message: “Low on Battery?” followed by “Level up with LG G3 and surf until touch-down“.

An estimated number of 1.2 million passengers flying to/from the Nordics, using wifi
during the flight were exposed to see the exclusive ads during the campaign.

During the campaign, LG G3 has topped the charts as “the most sought after phone”
and “best selling” in all the Nordic countries. (especially at airport stores).

The story have been picked up by tons of blogs, forums and media worldwide,
like Mashable The Drum Creativity Hot Sauce Android Central HNGN


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LG is one of the leading providers of consumer electronics but had not been able to establish a strong position in the Nordic TV market. But in 2014, LG launched their new OLED-TV, the world’s largest and slimmest (only 4 mm) OLED TV.

How could we get the target audience to experience how slim a LG OLED-TV really is? And spread the word?

We realized that leading Nordic hifi magazine, “Sound & Vision” also happened to be exactly 4 mm thin. A coincidence leading to a unique product demonstration on the spine.

The unique product demonstration quickly attracted attention of over 700 technology sites and blogs around the world, including Gizmodo, Mashable, The Verge,, and (some of the most prominent media to create awareness among the target group), which in turn generated a large spread in social media and truly emphasizing the LG Electronics tagline: It’s All Possible.

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Xide – The Ultimate X-Mas Playlists


Xide is an alcopop with a simple message: No history. No Tradition.
When one of our biggest traditions, Christmas, was approaching – Xide wanted to inspire people to celebrate it in a new way.


Many are looking for the perfect X-mas playlist on Spotify. A playlist that doesn’t contain the usual X-mas track played every year.



Through a banner on Spotify, people could direct access new and different Christmas playlists such as X-mas Jazz, X-mas Metal and X-mas R’n’B. The playlists were collaborative and you could add your favorites.


In 10 days, more than 5000 songs were added to the playlists and almost 2000 followers.

Live demo of the banner here: Xide – No history. No tradition.


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LG – Xmas Story

(OBS: LG Xmas Story börjar vid 01:00 in i videon)

Inför fas två i LG:s kylskåpskampanj “The Inside Story” flyttade det twittrande kylskåpet till nordpolen. Under två veckor uppfyllde självaste Jultomten svenska folkets önskningar genom det live-streamade kylskåpet och varje dag hade man chans att vinna en julklapp för den bästa önskningen.

Önska kunde man göra genom både Twitter och i ett formulär på Bland julklapparna återfanns några av LG:s storsäljare som LG G2 och G Pad tillsammans med mer ”juliga” klappar.

Till kampanjsidan:


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