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Carlsberg – Probably the best banner for the world

By |27 november 2015|Categories: Okategoriserade|

A mobile banner that actually can save you a significant amount of battery life. Carlsberg Hof Organic presents: Probably the best banner for the world. Click to download a black wallpaper that actually can save you a significant amount of battery life. (read why it works here) View the mobile banner ad here (on your mobile)

Zmarta Index

By |14 oktober 2015|Categories: Okategoriserade|

Bakgrund Zmarta är en ny finansiell tjänst där du jämför lån och försäkringar för att hitta de bästa alternativen för dig. Vårt uppdrag var att lansera tjänsten och snabbt skapa både kännedom och trovärdighet. Utmaning För finansiella tjänster är trovärdighet A och O. För en online-baserad helt ny aktör med en helt ny typ av […]

SPP – Welcome to Earth 2045

By |7 oktober 2015|Categories: Okategoriserade|

How do you want the world to be when you retire? Background SPP – one of Sweden’s largest pension companies – has been working with sustainability for over 20 years (a topic increasingly important in the Swedish market). Today SPP is one of the world’s most sustainable companies. As their customer you can be confident […]

EuroGames Stockholm 2015 – #FlamingStar

By |24 augusti 2015|Categories: Okategoriserade|

How the #FlamingStar Social Movement let the world take action against discrimination in sports. Background EuroGames is one of the world’s largest LGBTQ events. It was founded to combat discrimination and support the right to practice sport, regardless of gender or sexuality. Challenge Hardly anyone knows about EuroGames. With Stockholm as the host city we […]

LG – The Science Behind

By |30 april 2015|Categories: Okategoriserade|

LG Nordic is promoting the latest line of smart televisions with “The Science Behind”, an online campaign designed to connect with humorous online memes. Four films, “Goat Videos”, “TV Marathons”, “Couch Potatoing” and “Looping Aquarium Clips”, begin with the scientific advances that make high resolution OLED television screens possible. While LG Electronics Smart televisions are […]


By |22 april 2015|Categories: Okategoriserade|

Mobile App Makes It Really Easy For Creatives to Obsess Over Festival Art How do you create the largest outdoor gallery in the history of Stockholm? Background Stockholm Art Week is an annual event showcasing Stockholm as a city for art. Challenge How do we democratize the art scene and get rid of the mindset […]

Norwegian Red Cab

By |20 januari 2015|Categories: Okategoriserade|

Interactive Billboard Takes Norwegians on a Live Taxi Ride Through NYC. Background Norwegian Airlines is the third largest low-cost carrier in Europe. They have been named Europe’s Best Low Cost Airline two years in a row. The company has 417 routes to 126 destinations. All at low, low prices. Brief But most people, even in […]

Like for Lives / Australian Koala Foundation

By |4 november 2014|Categories: Okategoriserade|

Like for Lives / Australian Koala Foundation What if sharing a cute image could save the koalas? The endangered koala probably gets more likes in social media than dollars in donations. But that’s all about to change. The Australian Koala Foundation’s new social media initiative, Like for Lives, urges people to post a picture of […]

LG G3 – “Low On Battery?” inflight banners

By |27 augusti 2014|Categories: Okategoriserade|

Background The battery life of the LG G3 smartphone was at the release superior to all other smartphones on the market including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and HTC One. LG Nordics therefor wanted to target people with an extra need of a good battery life. We found them up in the air, as there are no […]


By |3 mars 2014|Categories: Okategoriserade|

BACKGROUND LG is one of the leading providers of consumer electronics but had not been able to establish a strong position in the Nordic TV market. But in 2014, LG launched their new OLED-TV, the world’s largest and slimmest (only 4 mm) OLED TV. CHALLENGE How could we get the target audience to experience how […]

Xide – The Ultimate X-Mas Playlists

By |5 februari 2014|Categories: Okategoriserade|

Background: Xide is an alcopop with a simple message: No history. No Tradition. When one of our biggest traditions, Christmas, was approaching – Xide wanted to inspire people to celebrate it in a new way. - - Insight: Many are looking for the perfect X-mas playlist on Spotify. A playlist that doesn’t contain the usual […]

LG – Xmas Story

By |7 januari 2014|Categories: Okategoriserade|

(OBS: LG Xmas Story börjar vid 01:00 in i videon) Inför fas två i LG:s kylskåpskampanj “The Inside Story” flyttade det twittrande kylskåpet till nordpolen. Under två veckor uppfyllde självaste Jultomten svenska folkets önskningar genom det live-streamade kylskåpet och varje dag hade man chans att vinna en julklapp för den bästa önskningen. Önska kunde man […]

LG – Follow the Most

By |7 januari 2014|Categories: Okategoriserade|

Att ha flest följare har sedan länge varit en outtalad tävling bland Twitter-anhängare. Men vem följer egentligen flest? LG:s senaste kampanj ’Follow the Most’ är en kapplöpning om att följa flest konton på Twitter. Med överlägsen prestanda, fantastisk skärm och kraftfullt batteri är nya LG G2 den ultimata mobilen för den moderna och inbitna smartphone-användaren. […]

#somuchbetter -> #somuchbetterspp

By |5 november 2013|Categories: Okategoriserade|

  CHALLENGE How do you get lots of people talking about retirement savings? On Saturday nights? BACKGROUND “So Much Better” on Channel 4 is the most popular Saturday TV-show during fall in Sweden. The hashtag #somuchbetter is always #1 on Twitter trending topics during Saturday nights. Retirement savings, on the other hand, is something almost […]

LG – The Inside Story (the world’s first tweeting refrigerator)

By |3 oktober 2013|Categories: Okategoriserade|

  Campaign site (translated demo version) Challenge To raise awareness of the new range of door-in-door refrigerators from LG, we needed to get the buzz going online. The Internet is full of lively conversations, but when was the last time someone had one about a fridge? Solution We created the world’s first tweeting refrigerator. The […]

VIASAT – The Battle of Premier League (Fan Livebanner)

By |19 augusti 2013|Categories: Okategoriserade|

Viasat Football is the number one channel for football fans. To kick-off the new Premier League season, fans could show their passion in a live banner. It soon became a serious love game between supporters of rival teams. The ad was updated in average every 8th second on Sportbladet (the largest sports page in Sweden). […]

Stockholm Pride – GOWEST (Become a cyber spy for equality)

By |2 maj 2013|Categories: Okategoriserade|

Link to website: www.gowest2013.com Links: Facebook activation Instagram activation What were the objectives for the creative work? Our objective was to raise awareness of the oppression of the Russian LGBTQ community: a subject completely ignored by domestic and international press. In 2012, Russia passed an anti-gay propaganda law banning Pride parades for 100 years. Subsequently, […]

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