The battery life of the LG G3 smartphone was at the release superior to all other smartphones
on the market including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and HTC One.

LG Nordics therefor wanted to target people with an extra need of a good battery life. We found
them up in the air, as there are no battery chargers onboard: Passengers using smartphones on
Norwegian Air’s wi-fi system.

We invented a new media placement.
When you log on the wifi, the ads recognized your hardware and compared it to the G3 and
delivered a message: “Low on Battery?” followed by “Level up with LG G3 and surf until touch-down“.

An estimated number of 1.2 million passengers flying to/from the Nordics, using wifi
during the flight were exposed to see the exclusive ads during the campaign.

During the campaign, LG G3 has topped the charts as “the most sought after phone”
and “best selling” in all the Nordic countries. (especially at airport stores).

The story have been picked up by tons of blogs, forums and media worldwide,
like Mashable The Drum Creativity Hot Sauce Android Central HNGN


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